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Please note the following:


1) Players must post their score(s) on the locker room scoring sheet, and place the attested scorecard in the Tournament Box in the restaurant, to cash in most events. This is clearly posted as the protocol. For match play events, The Committee will post the winner(s) on the match sheet, please place the card in the tourney box indicating the match winner.


2) For the Member Member event this weekend,  we will be playing lift, clean and place(one club) in all closely mown areas, as well as the bunkers. There are areas in the rough that have not yet been mowed ,due to the spring rains. These are on 1,4,13, 15 ,16 and 18. If in these areas, consult with the other team in the group for drop relief, clear of that condition. A ball cannot be lost in these areas, if it is known or virtually certain that the ball entered these areas, and cannot be found. The ball is to be played as it lies in all other rough areas, absent of abnormal ground conditions, e.g.tire ruts from maintenance vehicles/golf cars. Relief is available as prescribed under Rule 16.1. These conditions of competition will be updated as the course dries out. Play Fair.


3) The Board of Directors at it’s meeting tonight, endorsed a motion to adjust the handicap limits for the teeing grounds. Going forward, players of 60 years of age and older, regardless of handicap, can compete from the white teeing ground. This is not applicable for the Pardee Cup Championship flight, Club Championship Championship flight, or the Presidents Cup events. This is optional for players 60 years of age plus, who’s index is 9.0 or below. . This is effective immediately. Refer to the handicap sheet in the locker room for handicap number from that tee.