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See message below from the USGA regarding ghin.com. In order to post a score on ghin.com or the mobile app(being updated later in January) or access player data, a member must have a digital profile on record, with a working email address. A notice was sent by the USGA to active members on how to create. For those without an email address, posting scores can only be done via the KIOSK at the golf course. Currently, that is not accessible with the restaurant closed. Access to the KIOSK is TBD for the 2021 season. For password reset or to create a profile if no email address is currently on file,  click the contact us at link on this website.  1/12/2021


A Digital Profile is now required to access ghin.com

For your security, we introduced a new way to log in to ghin.com and the GHIN Mobile App. Create a profile (https://www.ghin.com/create-profile) to log in. Please visit our FAQs for additional information. If you are unable to login or need to add or update your email address, please contact your club or association.


Our 2020 season has concluded. Thank you to our members for their continuing support. With the many challenges we all faced in 2020, we were able to get most of our schedule in. We are optimistic that we can return to a more “normal” golf season at our club in 2021. The BOD’s will be discussing the 2021 season after the first of the year, and will be informing all of our current members in our annual letter some time in February, 2021. Any and all thoughts/comments on the 2020 schedule and events are welcomed, via the contact us link on our website.