Handicap Corner


Note that all members who are interested in competing in the 2018 Club Championship tournament, must have ten (10) 2018 posted rounds into the CSGA/GHIN Handicap System. In the event of an injury or other issue, contact the Committee for waiver consideration. All members competing in the Championship Flight are exempt from this policy. 

Refer to handicap report below or the copy at the computer in the restaurant, to determine player handicap for competition. For 2018, 9.0  index and below will play from the blue marker teeing ground, 9.1 index and above play from the white marker teeing ground for competition. Refer to the posted blue tee/back conversion table  to determine actual course handicap for the event.  Tournament specific conditions of competition for each event, are posted in the locker room, as well as on our web site.  

The USGA recommends that, when practicable, each player use the Handicap Index in effect at the time each round is played. If a competition spans a handicap revision date, the revised Handicap Index should be used in rounds following that date. ( Section 9). The NHGC follows this recommendation.

The following 2018 NHGC Tournaments should be posted as a TOURNAMENT SCORE… Designate with a (T) during the posting of score into GHIN…

Past Presidents Tournament
New England Public Links Senior Qualifier
New England Public Links Qualifier
Joseph Tyndall Senior Club Championship
Club Championship Qualifier – Championship Flight
Shoreline Qualifier Tournament