About Us

Board of Directors  2019

Fran Limone, President  2019
Rob Pilato, Vice-President, Secretary  2021
Carl Fappiano, Treasurer 2019

John Horan, Committee (Handicap/Tournaments), Website. 2019
Tom Novicki, Collections 2020
John Jerz, Committee (Rules) 2021
Richard Mead, Registration 2021
Rusty Hamilton, Membership 2020
Martin Santacroce,  Committee (Tournaments) 2021
Tom Aquaro,  Membership 2020
Brett Balisciano, Social Media 2020
Gene Cufone, Committee 2019
Bob Langan, Registration 2020

Our History

The New Haven Golf Club (est. 1951) is affiliated with the Alling Memorial Golf Club (opened 1929) playing facility located in New Haven Connecticut. The NHGC began as a group of friends playing golf and friendly competitions at Alling Memorial post WW II. In 1950, the group became more formalized and issued its first by-laws in 1951. The club membership grew over the years peaking in the late 1990s at 300 members and in 2018 had 175 active members. The Club is composed of thirteen volunteer board members. It has working chaired committees including, The Executive Committee, and The Committee that oversees tournaments, handicap and rules. Other Board members oversee other areas that the Board is responsible for. They meet monthly throughout the year, and strives to provide its members, the best experience possible in competitive, yet recreational golfing competitions. The clubs membership/affiliates includes the Connecticut State Golf Association (CSGA), New England Public Golf Association, and The Shoreline group of Southern Connecticut. It sends respective teams to major annual events (and has hosted) including the New England Publix Links, The NEPL Seniors, The Walter Kane Memorial and The Shoreline. In 2019, Alling Memorial will be hosting a major qualifier, The New England Amateur on 6/25.


NHGC  By-Laws