Updates to players handicap are published daily(after a round). Max score for posting purposes is a net double bogey. Post via the GHIN app. on your mobile device or at You must have a USGA digital profile to access.   It is important, with the World Handicap System, to post your score on the day of play. It is the players responsibility to know their handicap, when competing in our events. For events that we provide scorecards, the handicap to be used will be on the card. This handicap will be whatever it is at the time of the printing of the card, generally a day or two before the event.

For 2023, 7.9 index and below will play from the blue marker teeing ground, 8.0  and above play from the white marker teeing ground for NHGC competition. However, this is not in effect for the Championship Flights of the Club Championship and Pardee Cup, and the Past  Presidents (gross division).

The following 2023. events are to be posted as a Competition(C) Score.

Presidents Cup , CC,  Senior Club Championship, Club Championship Qualifier, and the Shoreline Qualifier.